What does self-love mean to you?

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    What self-love means to me:

    Speak my truth.
    Honor my feelings and emotions.
    Listen to and follow my own intuition and inner guidance.
    Implement and follow through with healthy boundaries.
    Practice daily self-care… Mindy/Body/Spirit.
    Fully show up for myself and be “fearless” when it comes to pursuing and following through with my goals, dreams, and desires (This is one I’ve really had to work on).

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    Self-Love to me is recognition. I am worthy. I am enough. And not getting lost in the quagmire of unrealistic expectations. Transforming the negative self-talk is a daily battle, replacing it with positive reinforcement. Possible. I can. I will. I am.

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    Self love for me means, I am honoring my deepest hearts knowing.
    I am not sacrificing my truth in order to stay in connection.
    It’s a radical act and commitment to my healing, right use of power, and I service to all parts of myself.

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    To me it means understanding True Unconditional Love. It’s said you can’t truly love others if you can’t truely love yourself, something like that ?. For me, when I watched my daughter come into this world unconditional love hit me like a ton of bricks. From then on I grew in that love of myself, even when I did stupid things or when I looked in the mirror and saw scars or bad hair, I’m frickin human! That love will never let me waller in less for long. To me it isn’t just self love, it’s self unconditional love, spiritual love, and it does love everyone else the same.

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