What does self-care look like for you?

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    The ways that I define day to day self-care for myself, are the following…

    Daily meditation.
    Nourishing my body.
    Physical activity.
    Taking the time to listen to my body, as well as my intuition.
    Taking steps each day towards my goals, no matter how big or seemingly insignificant they may be.
    Allowing myself to rest when I need to rest.
    Expanding my mind through books and other resources.
    Interacting with the people who love, support and accept me for who I am. Give and take relationships that are balanced.
    Pampering myself when I feel called, whether that be a candlelit bubble bath, putting on a face mask, going for a long walk in nature, kicking back and watching a movie etc etc etc.

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    Enough sleep!!!!
    Time and spaciousness to contemplate, meditate, and create.
    Books, reading all the books!
    Painting rainbows.
    Tending to plants in the garden.
    Sprouting beans for hummus.
    Reading with my daughter.
    Having a tidy home feels nourishing to my senses.
    Taking time to be outside with those I love.
    Gathering with practitioners in my field to heal, grow, and learn.
    Self love also means saying no and not taking on the demands, needs of others.
    Self love also means that I love me. That the opinions and evaluations of others (of me) good or bad don’t take away or add to my sense of worthiness.
    I am who I am.
    Perfectly imperfect.
    A human being. Who is learning, growing, loving and healing.

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