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    Carol Smith

    Where’s the Glitch?
    How to Use Running Records with Older Readers, Grades 5-8

    by Mary Shea

    🔗 Where’s the Glitch? – Click Here 🔗

    • ISBN: 9780325008493 (0325008493)
    • Language: english
    • Format: paperback, 168 pages
    • Author: Mary Shea
    • Release date: July 18, 2006
    • Publisher: Heinemann

    About The Book

    Many students find themselves struggling to learn from texts because glitches in their reading process block learning, cause frustration, and impede success. The source of these problems can be difficult to discern. Where’s the Glitch? identifies why readers stumble and presents strategies designed to get them back on track and reading well.

    In Where’s the Glitch? Mary Shea shows you how to use modified running records (MRRs) to pinpoint where readers struggle with comprehension, to determine their current reading level, and to assess the specific skills they already possess. Shea explains how to take an MRR and get meaningful assessment data on the spot — even in a busy classroom. Then, she describes how to use that information to plan interventions that integrate instruction in literacy skills with content — area studies. As a result, students increase their reading fluency, overall achievement, and motivation to learn.

    In addition, Where’s the Glitch? includes a helpful tutorial CD that gets you started with MRRs. It contains recordings and transcripts of students reading aloud and retelling what they’ve read. After using the CD’s reproducible forms and scripts to practice, you’ll be familiar with each MRR step: marking miscues, analyzing miscues, calculating percent of accuracy, determining a fluency score, and evaluating retelling. It’s the ideal way to sharpen your MRR technique in preparation for classroom use.

    Filled with numerous examples, tips, checklists, forms, and rubrics for assessment as well as a CD to help you become MRR proficient, Where’s the Glitch? makes it easy to use running records effectively with older readers. You’ll have all the tools you need to pinpoint any student’s glitches then scaffold instruction to support a transition to reflective, independent, and strategic reading that’s focused on meaning making.

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